The best utility comparison and management system that you can provide to your customers.

Who are we?

Whether you are a fintech, real-estate, rewards/loyalty platform or even an aggregator like us, we have you covered. Your customers are always going to be looking for the best deal. If they’re feeling the pinch with the rising cost of living, or they’re keen to save money while moving into a new home, we can help your brand stand out.

Our mission

Our mission here at CIMET is to help brands skyrocket their customer loyalty by allowing their consumers to compare products and ultimately help them save money. We give brands the platform to empower customers to shop around for a better deal, and make the best decisions for themselves in the process.

Our story

It all started in 2017 when the NSW government announced its crackdown on comparison websites. The government accused the services in question of being shady about commissions and referral fees offered to them by the companies they recommended. Our CEO and Founder, Ankit Jain, then spotted a gap in the market. It was clear consumers were crying out for a single comparison solution that could help them to find a cheaper deal better suited to their needs. So, he decided to create an online model that could be scaled across multiple sectors and integrated within existing businesses. And so CIMET was born! Since then, CIMET has expanded into several other product comparisons and built platforms for over 100 brands. The CIMET comparison platform is a unique solution that can helps brands increase their credibility and position themselves as a trustworthy source, by having their name attached to a knowledgeable software that meets their customers’ needs.

Why choose CIMET?

We ensure that your business doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to improving customer engagement and can do so in a reliable and innovative way. Our comparison tool can be seamlessly integrated into your brand’s ecosystem and allows your customers to compare providers and sign up to new products without leaving your business’ website. All it takes is just a few clicks! Overall, our platform offers your business everything from customised UI, a concierge service, interactive CRM, to remarketing functionality using SMS and email, bill data extraction, simple comparison, online sign-up capability and full reporting capabilities.

Our leadership team

These are some of the principles that we uphold as a firm. We, too, work by them. We're creating a platform and solutions that we believe in, understanding that there's real value in assisting people to simplify whatever they do and bring more of themselves to their job, no matter where they are. The leaders in our business uphold the values and beliefs of CIMET, holding true our ambition to help customers compare when, where and how they feel comfortable. Our leadership team is comprised of key stakeholders who bring a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to our everyday operations.

Ankit Jain

Founder & CEO

Kunwar Aditya Saxena


Tim Shepherd

CoFounder & CRO

Pravin Mahajan


Rubal Jain

CoFounder & Chief of Product

Raj Jain

CoFounder & Chief Operations Officer

Our board members

Ankit Jain

Founder and CEO of CIMET

Ankit is CIMETs founder and CEO. Created CIMET from the ground up, from a 3-member team to around 150+ in the last 4 years.

Trevor Jeffords

CEO of iSelect

Trevor was appointed Chief Executive Officer in April 2023. He has extensive executive management experience across the financial services industry,

Kunwar Aditya Saxena


Joined CIMET in March 2022, previously advisor to CIMET for iSelect transaction. Held senior management roles into corporate finance/IB

Vicki Pafumi

Non-Executive Director

Joined iSelect in November 2015 as interim CFO and also held other Senior Operations roles. Appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in July 2018 at iSelect.

Rachael Cobb

Independent Chairperson

Rachael has executive career in Financial Services as a board director, advisor, and investor. Previous experience in management consultancy and aviation.

Achievements and awards

Made the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters List 2021 and 2022.

Secured a $26.6 million investment from iSelect Mar 2022

With major partners in the mobile, NBN and energy space, from Telstra, to Dodo, to Energy Australia. We work with them all!