CIMET makes it easier than ever for your customers to compare utility products and services!

Help your customers compare competitive electricity, gas and broadband plans and rates in just a few clicks, drawing from our panel of premier retailers. Our 100% automated and secure comparison platform helps your customers find the best deals to suit them in their area and gives them the option to sign up on the spot.

Here are our simple steps on how to get started

Connect with the CIMET team so we can customise a solution for you

Connect with us now to generate more revenue and improve your customer loyalty with our white label platform.

We offer you a customisable, branded platform which can be integrated into your own ecosystem, helping customers set up their utility connections – and with a competitive commission structure for each sign-up that you get!

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Connect your customers to our platform

Direct your customers through your preferred marketing methods to your new CIMET powered platform – it’s their one-stop shop for the latest utility deals.

Best of all it’s free for your customers to use – and quick and easy for your company to set up!

Ask customers to enter a few details to review top plans

For gas or electricity, ask your customers to enter details such as their postcode or address, approximate gas or electricity usage for a given period, and their chosen connection date. Your customers will also have the option to enter their current tariff type, whether single rate, time-of-use rates or controlled load rates. This will be dependent on their location.

If they are comparing broadband deals, however, your customers can fill in details on their internet needs after entering their address.

Switch on the spot

Once your customers have chosen a new plan, they can simply sign up online and we’ll begin the transfer process.

It’s easy to sign up in minutes – all customers have to do is fill out the relevant information and we will arrange their connection with the supplier.

Many people overpay for their internet and mobile bills. Are you among them?

Services we offer

Using CIMET comparison solutions, customers can compare all their essential services in a matter of minutes

Services we offer
  1. Extensive panel of retailers

    Regardless of the product customers are looking to compare, CIMET strives to have as many of the retailers customers know and love on our panel. This includes brands such as Energy Australia, Origin Energy, Alinta Energy, Superloop, Optus, Goodtel and many more.

  2. Digital first experience

    CIMET ensures customers are able to not only compare online but also complete their sign up 24/7. Allowing them to make important household decisions in their own time.

  3. Finding the right one

    CIMET’s platform puts the choice back into the consumers hands by ensuring every comparison is fundamentally unbiased and there is no sponsored plans or brands.

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